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Writers' Vision is a community where Christian creatives can connect and receive feedback, advice, encouragement, and even form friendships. Originally started in 2021 as a writers' critique site, Writers' Vision has expanded to include creatives of all levels! From authors to bloggers and even editors! Whether it is a community you are looking for or simply encouragement and advice, Writers' Vision is here to help!
Our Community space is open to a wide variety of genres and is for making your manuscript what you envisioned it could be. As well as providing you with a place to connect and ask for opinions, advice, and feedback.

The Community is a place where authors and bloggers can receive Beta reading services, critiques, opinions, and so much more from readers and fellow authors. But it's not just another critique group, it is a friendship, a coming together for the benefit of all involved.


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Our Story...

The idea of Writers' Vision came about because as an aspiring author I couldn't find a writing community that I could afford. So I made my own community!

Though Writers' Vision was named in a moment of inspiration, the idea for the site was started long ago in the heart of a sixteen-year-old girl who wanted support from other writers and couldn't afford it. Let's face it, most beginning authors don't have a lot of money laying around, so joining writing communities that cost twenty dollars a month isn't in our budget. This is why every tier on Writers' Vision is as affordable, the highest tier costing just $5 a month! I want as many people as possible to be encouraged and helped by this community!

Kaytlin Phillips
Founder and Author

Pile Of Books

Our Team

Kaytlin Phillips

Founder and Author

Hello, I'm Kaytlin!

A homeschool grad, blogger, influencer, author, and office assistant at a wellness center!
I first discovered a love for writing when I was seven and plagiarized a Roy Roger film into a book. Since then, I've become more creative and write books of my own invention, which are usually stories of purpose and redemption.  More often than not, you can find me with my nose in a book, whisked away to some fictional setting.

I believe in the power of stories and hope, through Writers' Vision, to help other authors find their voice and inspire them to change the world!

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Louise Taylor

Contest Manager and Judge

Hi there, my name is Louise.

I'm a homeschool graduate, aspiring sports photographer, event videographer, and historical political enthusiast (with a pipe dream of one day becoming an editor). I've been a writer for seven years, finished my first novel in 2021, and have penned several short stories since (ignoring the tens of thousands of words I've written here and there).

Above everything else, I believe that God is the Author of the universe, and of the greatest story ever told. I write to honor Him, and tell old truths that are still the truths they were when our grandparents were young. 

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Madisyn Carlin

Newsletter Director

Madisyn Carlin is a Christian, homeschool graduate, blogger, voracious bookdragon, and author. When not spending time with her family or trekking through the mountains, she weaves tales of redemption, faith, and action.

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Want to connect?

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Joelle Stone

Community Game Manager

 I’m a teenage writer from rural America with the high aspiration of someday saving the world. I have a bad sense of humor (as you can see), I tend to use parenthesis too much (as you can also see), and if I’m tired you’ll see a lot of "...” signs. For those of you who are not normal, I’m an ENFJ, which means I have a sword. Ha. :P

When not writing, I’m usually reading, writing, talking, or generally being weird (because being normal is boring). My three biggest phobias are small spaces, haircuts, and makeup (ESPECIALLY mascara brushes — seriously, who thought it was a good idea to put a bunch of spikes on a stick and place it next to your eye?!). Most importantly, though, I’m a Christian whose greatest desire is to show the world that one, God does exist; two, God cares deeply for you; and three, God is reachable. I firmly believe in these things (and a lot of other stuff, not the least of which is the evilness of coffee), and I intend to show them through my stories. This is one of the many reasons I am a penmaiden.

If you want to learn more about me, go ahead and visit my site at Sword of the Penmaiden or shoot me a message here on WV! I'd love to get to know you. :)

Emma Wynne B.

Site Collaborator

Hello fellow writers! 

I’m Emma, a child of God, writer, farm girl, music lover, and horse rider. 

My time is divided between my horse, schoolwork, playing the piano, writing, and spending time in my flower garden. 

Honestly, I haven’t been writing for very long, but I know with conviction that I have been called to write. When I started writing, I told Westerns with Christian themes and a little bit of romance. I still write Westerns, but I have branched out into writing what I call ‘Easterns’, which are stories based on the pioneers (aka Boers) of South Africa. Because I’m South African, these untold stories mean a lot to me. My main aspiration is writing words that point to Jesus and his enduring love for us.

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