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2nd Quarter Contest Update

Updated: May 20

Hello everyone!! I wish you all a great day, and much sunshine!

It's time for our monthly contest update, of which I have no substantial information to pass on as we have had no entries, so currently there is no competition.

Therefore, if you've been thinking about entering our contest, but are worried that perhaps your story is not good enough, or perhaps you don't even know where to begin, fear not! I shall share with you what we're looking for, along with some inspiration and encouragement to be as creative as you choose.

What is historical fiction?

I've come to realize it's quite a broad term, and that you may be sitting here wondering if that means you must write only of wars and major historical events. But for the sake of this contest I'd like to define it as a work of fiction taking place in a real world that existed before the modern era.

Characters are usually fictional, and are probably easier to write from scratch, you may choose to write a historical figure from a different perspective if you wish, but please remember that the main reason of choosing this genre is to give a life to the past, and remembering that entire civilizations came before us, with people who lived and breathed and walked as we did.

To bring life to the past through story is to give a soul and mind and character to your history book.

How creative can I get?

That being said, I encourage you to be as absolutely creative as you would like! Any story, from the time of Egyptians and before, to as short a time ago as 1980 and anywhere in between is welcome. I encourage you to be as creative as you like, while firstly holding to the general rule of historical fiction.

To give you just a few ideas (and feel free to steal any one of them) someone might write a story regarding the American revolution, while someone else might construct one taking place in high english society. You might write of landing on the beaches of Normandy, or perhaps be a centurion in the Roman military. Ancient or recent, different perspectives or creative constructions, the lessons of history are still relevant to our present day, and I encourage you to enjoy the story history has to tell.

The Rules

Once again, for the sake of everybody involved, here are the rules pertaining to our contest. I'll link our form to submit your story!

Have a fantastic rest of May everybody!

-The limit is 6,000 words, with a minimum of 1,000.

-You may choose whichever tense you prefer, but please don't change your tense in the middle of your narrative.

-You may also choose whichever POV you feel the most comfortable writing, or that may fit the narrative best.

-One submission per person

-Please make sure that your story fits our genre, taking place before our time.

-The deadline for this contest is going to be June 30th, at midnight PST.

-Keep the content of your story appropriate to our community guidelines.

-Remember that this is a Christian community, and that the end goal of our writing is to glorify our God and Creator

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