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Autumn: A Poem (Guest Post by A. J. Syngraféas)

Updated: Apr 2

Hello Visionaries! I am so excited to be part of the blog tour for A. J. Syngraféas! We met on The Young Writers Workshop and I'm so glad I get to help spread the word about a fellow writer and creative's blog!

Today, I've got a poem from A. J., and on the 17th I'll be posting an interview I did with her! Without further ado, here ye are!

Autumn (A Poem)

Crisp, Fresh, and Sweet,

Autumn is quite a good season to meet.

Squirrels run and stash away

While young children run and play.

The leaves as red as can be,

Are quite beautiful to me.

But, yet, near the end,

It freezes and will send,

Winter on its way.

About the Author:

A.J. Syngraféas is a young Christian writer who writes for God and his kingdom. She writes Fantasy, Historical Fiction, nonfiction, and many other genres. She also enjoys drawing, making things, and blogging. She loves helping others and making other people happy. You can check out her blog at

Wasn't that a lovely poem? If you'd like to see more from A. J. follow the tour and subscribe to her lovely blog! Till next time!


Kaytlin Phillips

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