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Contest Update!

Hello, everyone! Happy February (even though it's been February for about 21 days now.)

There's a lot of new faces 'round here, so let me start off by saying hi! Welcome to all newcomers, we're super stoked to have you here!

I'm very pleased to announce we have 6 entries thus far, and we're super excited about this contest!

If you've been thinking about entering, but are unsure, then look no further than this post for the encouragement and the push you need to hit that submit button!

We're looking for poems of all lengths and rhyming schemes, meters, and styles.

The subject? God's majestic creation, the beauty of the world around us, captured into verse and presented in black ink on white paper.

The winning poem will be well-written, imaginative, and draw the minds eye to the beautiful world around us!

That being said, I have a few prompts, if you will, that will help those in desperate need of inspiration!

The submission form is here.

And for those of you in need of further inspiration, I have compiled a Pinterest board, which is available here.

For those strict rule-followers (such as myself when it comes to all things contest), here once again are the rules, and general explanations of the things you need to know! I hope to see your entries fill up my inbox!

-We’re starting off our first quarter contest of the year 2023, which will run to March 31 at 11:59 p.m. -

-This quarter's theme is nature, and the subject is poetry! Write a poem of any length about God's creation, capturing the beauty and wonder of just a simple flower, or the majestic arc of the waves at sea. :D You can immortalize the Robin's song into words on a page, or send the reader deep into the Amazonian jungle. -

-The chosen poem will exhibit emotion, beauty, and wonder in structured and punctuated prose, it will flow naturally with descriptions to provoke the imagination. -

-Your poem does not have to rhyme, (though it does need punctuation), it does not have to be closed form, but it should have a detectable structure. -

-One submission per person.-

-The winner will be announced at the end of the contest duration, and their poem will be published on the blog. :) -

Y'all have a fantastic week!

Louise Taylor

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