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Looking for Every Day Wonders

My Dad likes to go and look for orchids and rare flowers in the mountains around our home and the other day as I looked over some of the pictures I had taken while I was with him last, I realized what a truly magnificent God we serve! The picture I was looking at was one of a Monkey-Faced orchid, which I hadn’t even noticed anything unique about till my dad pointed it out. I thought it was just a white flower, but if you look at it closely you’ll see that it actually looks like a monkey! It has arms, legs, a little head, and even a tail, it’s the cutest thing ever!

But it got me to thinking how many other amazing things are around me every day that I don’t even notice? How many wonders do I overlook every single day? What could I be missing? So I started to look, and boy was I missing a lot! The way a sunset looks in a cloud-filled sky. The sounds of a summer night and how it’s not just annoying background noise but actually blends to form a song of praise to our Creator! How a light snowfall covers the trees and makes everything look like an enchanted forest. Oh, and so many other things I had just overlooked over the years!

I think the reason I missed all of them was because I wasn’t looking and I wasn’t paying attention. But once I started to look and paid attention to what I was looking at, what I saw was breathtaking! Our God is the best and greatest artist of all time and he paints a new masterpiece for us every day! But if we don’t take the time to enjoy it then we miss it. That day cannot be relived, we can never get it back. So what exactly am I saying?

Well, I’m saying we should take time to enjoy the wonders God has placed before us! I encourage you to take a little time each day to just look around and find beauty in the world around you. I know that for some of us, right now in the dead of winter, it’s hard to see anything beautiful in the leafless trees and bare ground, but it’s there. Maybe it’s the bright sunrise or the bold sunset, or the way the fog seems to hang in the trees. Possibly it’s the way the frost creates little patterns on the windows or maybe it’s a dandelion blooming when no other flower dares to show its dainty little face.

Each day has new wonders but we only get to see them once! Sure the flowers bloom every spring and summer, but not these flowers! Sure the leaves change every fall, but not like this year! Sure winter comes every year, but not like this year! The sun rises and sets every day, yet every day it is different! So enjoy what the Lord has provided for you today. Look for the intricate details and the tender touch of our Creator in the world around you and marvel at his handy work! For,

“This was the LORD’s doing; It is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:23-24

So, WV's when we look at the world around us are we really looking, or are we simply glancing? Are we marveling over God's creation or are we too caught up in our own worlds to notice? Take some time today to enjoy the creation of our God! Take some time to find some Every Day Wonders!

God Bless,

Kaytlin Phillips

(This article is mine and was originally posted on Story Warren in 2019 under my pen name Kayti Phillips, I just decided to post it over here for you all.)

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