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Spring Poetry Contest, My LA, By Laura

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week so far!

And now we're going to bring our Spring Quarter to a close with our winner's poem!

May I present "My LA", a poem written about the great state Louisiana....


In the heart of Louisiana's bayou,

There's a beauty that's hard to compare,

From the towering cypress and moss-laden trees,

To the crawfish that roam without a care.

I've seen the majesty of mountains,

And the grandeur of oceans so vast,

But there's something special 'bout this landscape,

That makes my heart beat so fast.

Perhaps it's the gentle lull of the water,

Or the call of the great blue heron,

But there's a peace that settles over me,

As I wander through fields of cotton.

And then there's the graceful egrets,

Wading through the waters so still,

With their pure white feathers and tranquil air,

They embody the bayou's tranquil thrill.

So let's celebrate this beautiful landscape,

And all of the wonders that it brings,

From the crawfish in the bayou,

To the egrets with their gentle wings.


Y'all this contest was so exciting to put together, to see all of your enthusiasm, and all your amazing entries, I hope you've all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves!! And once again, congrats Laura! And one last time, thank you all! *throws confetti* :D

Have a fantastic Friday, and an amazing weekend!

Louise Taylor

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Saraina Whitney
Saraina Whitney
Apr 11, 2023

Ahh, this makes me want to visit Louisiana!!!! (I've only passed through it a time or two XD) This was a lovely poem!!!


Apr 10, 2023

Great Poem! I love the animal mentions!


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