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Welcome to the June 500 & Anthology Reminder

Hey Visionaries! Today I'm happy to announce our first ever challenge on Writers' Vision! This is open to members and nonmembers alike so invite your friends!

I was trying to think of something fun to do this summer on here and got to thinking about a writing challenge where you had a goal word count every day, and then it clicked...

The June 500! A writing challenge where the goal is to write 500 words every day in the month of June!

I thought it sounded fun, pitched it to the back office, and they said to go for it! So here we are!

It is 100%! And we'll even be doing some live sprints during the challenge to help you hit those word goals! If this sounds like something you (or someone you know) would enjoy then please sign-up or spread the word!

I'm so excited to get to writing with all of you in June!

Also, as a reminder the Illuminate the Dark Anthology contest closes at the end of the month! If you have entered let me know so I can check the form, I want too make sure the stories are coming through. :)


Kaytlin (Kayti) Phillips

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Sara Swenson
Sara Swenson
4 days ago

Oooh, this looks like fun. 😯 I'll definitely participate! 🤗

Oh, I submitted to the anthology! 💜

Replying to

Awesome! Look forward to seeing in the June 500!

Awesome! Thanks for your entry!

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