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Writers' Vision Blog Tour Kick-Off!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Hello Visionaries! I am so excited about this!!! We are doing a relaunch tour for WV for the next two weeks! They'll be spotlights on blogs, IG, FB, and Pinterest! I've written 10 guest posts that will be featured on 10 different blogs! (If you miss a few of those don't worry, they will resurface over here eventually.) And I've been interviewed about WV and writing on several blogs! This is going to be two weeks full of fun!

Alright, so today is just the kick-off, letting you guys know how excited I am, and next week I'll be doing a mid-week recap and then ending the tour too, but for now...

Let the fun begin!

Tour Schedule

Monday, Jan 16th

Writers’ Vision - Kick-Off Post

Vanessa Hall - Spotlight

Louise Taylor - Spotlight

Tuesday, Jan 17th

Pearl Christine - Spotlight

Sisters Three - Spotlight

Wednesday, Jan 18th

Louise Taylor - Guest Post

Allyson Jamison - Interview

Thursday, Jan 19th

Lorelei Angelino - Spotlight

Madisyn Carlin - Spotlight & Guest Post

Lillian Keith - Spotlight & Interview

Friday, Jan 20th

Kristina Hall - Interview

Vanessa Hall - Interview

Annabelle Batie - Spotlight & Guest Post

Abbigail Befus - Interview

A.J. Syngraféas - Guest Post

Weekend Off….

Monday, Jan 23rd

Joelle Stone - Guest Post

Louise Taylor - Interview

Writers’ Vision - Mid-Tour Recap

Tuesday, Jan 24th

Abbigail Befus - Guest Post

Issabelle Perry - Guest Post

Wednesday, Jan 25th

Saraina Whitney - Guest Post

Grace A. Johnson - Spotlight

Allyson Jamison - Guest Post

Thursday, Jan 26th

Grace A. Johnson - Interview

Sisters Three - About Writers’ Vision

Friday, Jan 27th

Grace A. Johnson - Guest Post

Annabelle Batie - Interview

Writers’ Vision - Wrap-Up Post

Are you going to follow the tour? Let me know in the comments! Also, how excited are you about this? Because I am just so excited!!!

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