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Enter Joelle's 10 Random Facts ;P:

1) Joelle eats ranch dressing on things like pizza, chicken, and potatoes

2) Joelle smells the changing of the seasons, primarily spring and autumn

3) Joelle Stone is Joelle's pen name, not her real name

4) Joelle is mildly obsessed with MBTI (she's an ENFJ if you would like to know :P)

5) Joelle's characters have this bad habit of becoming overly snarky

6) Joelle has a blog at

7) Joelle mostly hangs out in places like Aerwiar and Middle-earth, but she does spend some time on Earth too. Well... maybe only a little time.

8) Joelle loves chocolate. Feed the Joelle chocolate and she will be your friend for life.

9) Joelle loves Jesus with everything she's got and would love to fangirl about him with you

10) Joelle's name is apparently not a real word, because it has been underlined in red every time she has written it on this post. Huh.

11) BONUS! Joelle's favorite words include glarbsteinsteinfurd, gobbledygook, jabberwocky, coddiwomple, gigglemug, and crisp. Because crisp is fun to say.


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    Feb. 2022 Winner!
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Joelle Stone

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