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3 Things a Writer Must Have for a Firm Foundation

Updated: Apr 1

Hello Visionaries! I’ve had some ideas on tools and resources knocking around for a while, and I’ll get to the more physical sets things after the holidays because, honestly, at this moment, I have too much on my plate with the holidays around the corner and I’ll be taking a break from WV until after the New Year. This is the last post of the year unless I find a moment to schedule an interview that have done. :)

I have so much editing to do and post that I need to write for the WV blog tour, and I’m up to my ears in editing, Dulcimer Lesson, Dance lessons, work, and life in general…plus, I’d like to finish my WIP though that’s looking like it might not happen till Jan. Anyway, that’s the news and now for the post!


What are three things a writer must have? They aren’t anything physical, as in you can’t pull the website up or download them or even walk into the store and buy them. But they are just as helpful and probably more vital to the survival of your story than any other resource I’ll share with you in the future.

#1 - Imagination

This one often seems like a no-brainer, and if you write non-fiction, you may think this doesn’t apply to you, but it does. Imagination is the building stone for all writing, even non-fiction, because in order to write good non-fiction, you need good allegories, and you need to be able to imagine yourself in your reader's shoes, to imagine what they could get out of your book and how it applies to every walk of life.

So, big deal because we all have imagination, right? Well, yes and no. Sure we all have imagination, but without use, it withers, and with too much use, it fizzles out. You have to take care of your mind and your imagination, being sure to use it but not over-deplete the resources you have been given.

We have to be good stewards of the resource given to us.

#2 - Moral

We all have to have moral laws or codes by which our books are written it gives every scene meaning and every character motive. If we don’t know where we stand morally, how can we hope to convey a compelling story to readers?

Sometimes we are morally shallow in our writing for fear of offending people, sometimes, we shove our morals to the side and adopt the worlds for a specific story, but the Bible calls us to be strong and courageous. To speak with boldness and not to falter in doing good.

So, stand up for those biblical morals you hold dear, intertwine them in your story and shine! We have a light, we have a vision, but we have to let the world see it. Otherwise, it doesn’t do anyone any good.

#3 - Prayer

It may seem no-brainer-ish, but I can’t tell you how many times I forget to pray before I write. How many times I’ve dived into scenes on my own and gotten halfway through before praying. Prayer can help those first two tools shine like beacons. It can boost that lagging imagination and encourage the wavering morals.

Prayer is a weapon. Yes, a bonafide weapon. An arsenal, so to speak, against the wiles of the enemy and one we too often ignore. Too often, we push aside the need to pray, and instead…we just do. We don’t ask what we are to do; we just do without thinking or even asking.

So pray, bow your head over your keyboard and ask for direction and peace and words to put to paper. Ask for divine intervention and a story after God’s own heart. Ask Him to guide your hands and to help you write a story that reflects Him in the humblest and most honorable of ways.

When these three resources are in place, when you have them lined up and ready to go, that is the moment you will write the best. It will be the best writing you have ever done because not only will you have imagination involved, guaranteeing it will be original, but you will also have morals, guaranteeing it will be sound, and prayer, meaning God will be there and He will be involved.


How is your imagination holding out? Do you incorporate your morals? Do you pray before you write? Let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments and whether you would like to see more similar posts in the future!

Keep reading, keep writing, and keep dreaming!


Kaytlin Phillips

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