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Author Interview with Abbigail Raine B.

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hello, Visionaries! It's so great to be here! So, I'm posting twice this week! Cool, right? Lol...But today I've got an author interview with my friend ad fellow author Abbigail Raine B. I've known Abbi for a while! Connecting over a love of good books *cough* The Green Ember Series *cough*! But, I'm super excited about her debut!


Hey Abbigail, it’s great to have you on Writers’ Vision today! I’m so excited about The Guardian and just getting to interview my long-time friend and help with your book release! I’m so excited!!!!

Hi, Kaytlin! Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure to be here!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a Christian gal who loves exploring the world and the past through fiction. I’m addicted to matcha green tea lattes, I get grumpy if I can’t write during the day, and I devour books when I have the time to spare.

You’re publishing your first book. How does that feel?

It’s a mix of pure excitement and a dose of absolute terror. Well, terror is a bit strong. I’m very excited to finally share Felix’s story and see where it will go. But what makes me nervous is probably what most writers struggle with. Will people like this? Will this book go anywhere? What if everyone hates it? I think what makes it even more nerve-wracking is the fact that it’s my first novel *hides sheepishly* Overall, I’m excited and nervous!

What’s your writing process look like?

Hmmm…chaotic? Hahaha. Just kidding. Well, not really. I get bits of story ideas from lots of places, whether that’s music, movies, books, that sort of thing. Then I sort of outline or ‘roadmap’ the idea and once I have the gist of it, I start to write. I don’t always stick with an outline, and in that case, I make stuff up as I go!

I know that The Guardian is part of your Three Sisters Series…so, what can we expect from you in the future other than the rest of the series?

Well, I definitely hope more historical fiction! I do at some point want to revive the fantasy series I started three years ago, but I’m planning on first getting my footing in historical fiction before I delve into the realm of fantasy.

Where did you get your inspiration for Felix and Jack’s characters? (Especially Jack *winks* I love that guy!)

*winks right back* I love him, too! He was so much fun to write! Ultimately, I started off just wanting a stubborn but fun heroine and an equally stubborn and fun hero. But as I got further into the story, I realized I wanted more from them. A friendship that has hints for more, but a spiritual dilemma that stands in the way. As I started to think through both Felix and Jack and their personalities, I realized there had to be more than stubborn and fun. There had to be insecurities. Hurts. Longing. Then there had to be tenderness, kindness, and ‘a friend that sticks closer than a brother’ to really bring it to life. From there, I started to kind of just imagine from there like what they look like.

I didn’t really start off with a ‘profile picture’ because sometimes being specific about what a character looks like drives me bonkers. (I.e., cornflower blue eyes, blonde hair. Way too overdone and kind of insulting to someone who has mousy brown hair and weird colored eyes.) But when an editor looked over the first chapter, she said that description was necessary. So, I came up with Felix’s honeyed brown hair, green-blue eyes, and a short but feisty demeanor. Jack? He’s been a little difficult to envision. Not that I don’t have a mental picture for him (dark eyes, dark hair, etc.) but I’ve never really found a solid profile picture for him yet. Maybe a reader will one day?

Other than being an author, you’re also a Musician, is balancing the two hard or not? And what do you love most about each!

I’ve never really felt like I’ve struggled between the two. Writing is a must during the day, that’s for sure. Music is a way to unwind and just relax. I do play music with my church, but we have a schedule and a rotation, so I’m no required to play every single week. Sometimes when I’m writing, I listen to music, but then at some point feel like I need to play something for myself and not the story. Does that make any sense or am I rambling?

What is your biggest tip for other authors?

Don’t stress and just write that story! I’ve been there where I question a story idea and wonder if it’d be worth getting out there. But if God gives you a story idea, just write! Trust Him to lead you as you pen that story and as you decide if you’ll share it with others or just keep it to yourself.

Where did you get the idea for The Guardian?

At first, I only knew I wanted three sisters and their struggles getting along with each other (cause, you know, I happen to be a part of a trio of girls). But as I started to write, I realized there needed to be more. Why is the oldest sister so isolated and heartbroken? Why is the youngest so desperate for romance? Why is the middle child so terrified of other people? And that’s how the Three Sisters Trilogy (which might not actually be a trilogy anymore… *wink*) was born.

What made you decide now was the time to publish your story? (Which I’m so glad you did because you had me in tears the other night…*wipes at eyes* beautiful!)

Aw, happy tears??? I MUST KNOW!!

Yes! The redemption arc gets me every time, girl!

Ahem. Well, I’d finished the second draft back in the fall, and figured edits were needed. More than needed. Required. I had a bunch of incredible writer friends who have done this rodeo before and they were very gracious and willing to beta read. My grandma helped me as well, and when a proofreader ghosted me—which was very terrifying, I might add, as I’d sent a PDF of my entire book which may or may not have been completely copyrighted (its all been fixed now)—a fellow author and friend who has a proofreading gig was so willing and ready to help me with the proofreading!

When the whole proofreading thing went down, that was the beginning of January. I remember looking at my planner and realizing, “Oh my gosh, I am so close to being ready, I can set a date for publication.” And so I did. More than two months in advance, just to be safe!

And now as I look at the calender and realize just how close The Guardian is to releasing, I can only thank the Lord for the way the entire process has been. From the frustrations when writing, the stress of edits, the panic and tears of wondering if someone had stolen my book, God has been incredible in orchestrating everything the way He has.

Do you have a favorite book that you’ve written? Either published or unpublished.

Hmm…I mean, maybe? My first completed novel probably is one of my favorites—cause I can’t possibly choose just one! That first one was and is a medieval fantasy! The other day I was looking through all my docs that hold the first draft, the series outline, and some fun worldbuilding, and it was really nostalgic and comforting. I ended up writing that book the week of Resurrection Sunday when Covid presented its not-so-lovely self, and writing that helped me keep *most* of my sanity.

I’ll probably say the rest of my unpublished and published books are my favorites, but for now, that fantasy novel, The Guardian, and as of right now, book two in the Three Sisters are my faves!

Last question, what is your why as a writer?

My why as a writer is this: I want to be encouraged and share what God places on my heart. Over the last few years, I’ve been so disappointed when a book I look forward to reading has next to zero faith content or its really pale, if you know what I mean. Janette Oke books were what got me into the reading and writing world, so to read ‘Christian’ historical fiction that’s weak is very discouraging.

I think I really found my ‘why’ back in the fall when a writing mentor asked me. I came up with this: I want to encourage other women—men too, if that’s what God calls me to do in the future—in any stage of life. Any age. Any background. Because we need hope as the world grows dark and the Day of Christ’s return approaches.

And so, I write to encourage and inspire our faith while also exploring the past through imagination.

Thank you so much for letting me interview you!

Thank you so much for the interview! I had lots of fun!



Survival on the prairies of 1850s Texas is full of hardship and tragedy. Felicia “Felix” Taylor would know. Raising her sisters, running the farm, and connecting with her neighboring friends keeps her grounded. But when the providential and the coincidental occur, how will she respond?

Will she acknowledge that it may be the God she turned her back on? Will she let Him in? Or will she steel her heart against the faith that betrayed her?

Amazon – United States

Amazon – Canada

About the Author!

Abbigail is a dreamer who explores past worlds through the pages of imagination. She desires to write and glorify God in all she does and invites readers to join creative adventures through the written word. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, enjoying her earl grey tea, and jamming out to music. She lives with her crazy but amazing family in Alberta, Canada.

If you want to chat about books, writing, or even just say hi, feel free to connect with her at her website at: Or connect with her through social media.


What did you think? Wasn't her advice soooo good? I need to remember that one her! Thanks for joining us for the interview and be sure to check out The Guardian! Available at an Amazon near you!

Also, if you'd like to read my opinion of The Guardian, click here!


Kaytlin Phillips


Saraina Whitney
Saraina Whitney

Ahhhh, this was such a beautiful interview, girls!!!! I LOVED getting to know more about the writing process and yesss, Abbi's advice was GOLD. ❤️

Kaytlin Phillips
Kaytlin Phillips

So glad you enjoyed it! I always love when I get to interview you or Abbi! <3



This series sounds so interesting!

I am one of three sisters too. I am the eldest.

Great interview! I had fun reading!


Yeah, I hate em but I love em😂

I did!

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