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Because You Saw Me Cover Reveal

Hey Visionaries! Today I'm helping with the cover reveal for our very own Lillian Keith! This is Lily's third book! And I'm so excited and happy for her and guys, this book is sooooo good!

Alright, here we go...but did I mention how cute the cover is? The cover is adorable! Like, you guys, this is so cute!!!

First, some bookish info:

Book Info:

Title: Because You Saw Me

Genre: MG Dystopian

Series: Companion Novella to An Apprentice Escapes

Author: Lillian Keith (

Illustrator: Amelia Grace

Release Date: October 19th 2023

Order Now:

Ebook Pre-Order Link


​​Would Nari ever be happy if she learned the truth? Agatha swallowed hard. She knew what her friend would say.

As an orphan in Daivron, Agatha has learned to scavenge for anything that might prove useful. When she picks up an innocent-looking button box, she unwittingly incurs the wrath of a shadowy stranger. While being chased through the alleyways of a city that’s turned its back on her, will Agatha use the box’s hidden treasure to escape to a better future? Or will she follow her beloved friend’s advice and do the right thing?

There's a nice little snippet for you! And below is the adorable cover!

Isn't the cover so cute? Have you read any of Lillian's books? Don't you love the collage feel of the cover? What's one of your favorite Middle Grade covers?

Let me know in the comments!


Kaytlin (Kayti) Phillips

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