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Because You Saw Me Release Tour Spotlight!

Hey Visionaries! Boy, I say we're posting twice a month and then I go and sign up for a ton of blog tours, cover reveals, ARCs, etc...and fill the

I'm super excited to be helping with the blog tour of Lillian Keith one of our members and my dear friend! Lily cheered me through publishing my first book and her continued support and friendship has been such a blessing!

This is Lily's third book! And it is illustrated by her sister! This MG dystopian adventure is soooooo good! It's fantastic and my heart hurt and melted all at once for these characters and their journey!

So, let me introduce you to Because You Saw Me!


Book Info:

Genre: Dystopian, Middle Grade

Series: The Daviron Chronicles #2

Author: Lillian Keith

Illustrator: Amelia Grace

Release Date: October 19th, 2023

Book Links:



Would Nari ever be happy if she learned the truth? Agatha swallowed hard. She knew what her friend would say.

As an orphan in Daivron, Agatha has learned to scavenge for anything that might prove useful. When she picks up an innocent-looking button box, she unwittingly incurs the wrath of a shadowy stranger. While being chased through the alleyways of a city that’s turned its back on her, will Agatha use the box’s hidden treasure to escape to a better future? Or will she follow her beloved friend’s advice and do the right thing?

Meet the Author:

Lillian Keith (you can just call her Lily for short!) never grew out of her love for children’s literature. She has been telling stories all her life, first to her dolls, and then to her family, and hopefully to more kids in the future. She’s the author of the short story, An Apprentice Escapes, and the middle grade novella, Should We Tell Her?

Aside from writing, you’ll often find her needle felting rabbits, arguing with spell check on Google Docs, or talking with her imaginary friends *ahem* story characters. Feel free to drop by her site and say ‘hi’. She loves meeting new people, hearing from excited readers, and making new friends (be forewarned, though. She loves puns and may try to sneak one into the conversation when you’re not looking!)

Connect With Lily:

Tour Schedule:

Monday (October 9th)

Lillian Keith - Tour Kick-off Post and Countdown Post #1

Tuesday (October 10th)

Once Upon an Ordinary - Illustrator Interview

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #2

Wednesday (October 11th)

Sisters Three - Spotlight/Sneak Peek

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #3

Thursday (October 12)

Writers’ Vision - Spotlight/Guest Post

Issabelle Perry - Sneak Peek

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #4

Jaiden Phillips Art - Guest Post

Friday (October 13th)

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #5

Saturday (October 14)

Bree Pembrook - Giveaway Spotlight

The Pencil Sisters - Mood Boards and Reader Shout-out

Sunday (October 15th - Posting Break)

Monday (October 16th)

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #6

Excavatia - Spotlight, Guest Post, and Sneak Peek

Tuesday (October 17th)

Kristina Hall - Spotlight and Review

Writers’ Vision - Spotlight/Guest Post

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #7

Wednesday (October 18th)

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #8

Thursday (October 19th) Release Day! 🥳🎉

Old Fashion Book Love - Spotlight/Book Review (possible)

Katherine Perry Creator - Author and Illustrator Interview

Lorelei Angelino - Book and Giveaway Spotlight (Pinterest)

Lillian Keith - Countdown Post #9 (End of Giveaway)

Friday (October 20th)

Lillian Keith - Tour Wrap Up, Bonus Content, and a Big Thank You!

Saturday (October 21)

Lillian Keith - Giveaway Winner Announcement


Be sure to check out Lily's blog for more info on the giveaway she's doing!

Are you excited for this release? Do you like MG fiction? Have you read any of Lily's books? Let me know in the comments!


Kaytlin (Kayti) Phillips

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3 comentarios

06 nov 2023

Super excited for you Lily! Great cover!

Me gusta

Lillian Keith
Lillian Keith
13 oct 2023

Eep! Thanks so much, Kayti! (and your friendship and support has meant everything to me too! *hugs*)

Me gusta
Kaytlin Phillips
Kaytlin Phillips
14 oct 2023
Contestando a

Of course, girl! (Awwww! *hugs* I'm glad we crossed paths!)

Me gusta
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