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It's not the size - It's the impact

Hey Visionaries! Today I'm sharing an expanded version of something I shared on my Instagram a few weeks back. I hope it's encouraging to y'all!

With that being said, lots jump right into the post this week!


It's not the size - It's the impact.

A few weeks back now, my dad was invited to speak at a church his grandfather helped found 80 years ago. It's a small church in close proximity to a larger church, not a huge church but it's not hard to be bigger than a church that started out with six members in 1943, one of those members being my great-grandfather, and after the pandemic, in 2020, it is about that size again.

The church has no pastor, but they still meet every week. The deacon leads them, actually, he's the treasurer, deacon, elder, Sunday School leader, handyman, and anything and everything else the church needs.

As part of the 80th anniversary of this small Appalachian church, the deacon talked about the small beginnings of the church and how, over the years, it was never a large church, but that the impact the church had was a testimony in itself.

This is the part where you're wondering how this has anything to do with writing, hang with me. I'm getting to that part, I promise.

More than 10 pastors in the area can attest to a grandfather or father who attended this small church at one point or that they themselves attended before becoming a pastor.

A local singing group also had their beginnings there as well.

Through these pastors and this group, hundreds of lives have been touched across the tri-state area! And all because six people founded a church. All because this small group didn't close their doors or give up. Because those people, though small, followed the Lord faithfully.

The size of the church or ministry doesn't matter. What matters is following the Lord's will. What matters is not letting the world tell you that you are too small to matter.

Size doesn't matter. It's the impact that counts.

That's what the Lord impressed upon my mind as I sat there listening to the deacon talk about the impact the Lord had allowed their little church to have. That although to most it might not look like much they had done good work.

This reminded me of writing. Of publishing. Of building a platform.

Words. Size. Sales.

That's what we run after. We want to impact, we want to grow. We want thousands of words a day. Hundreds or thousands of readers. We want a large following on our blog and socials.

We want to impact the world around us with the words we write, and we think we have to be big to do that. But the thing is, we're like a stone thrown into a lake, the ripples can spread. We may be tiny pebbles, but those pebbles can impact thousands.

We don't have to be big for our words to impact someone and for that person to impact someone who then impacts someone, which starts a chain reaction that could span around the world! They say everyone can be connected by ten people or less and I'm inclined to believe the idea.

Your writing may only touch one life, or it may touch thousands. But that one life is just as precious in the eyes of the Lord. Just as important. There is a reason He ordained that your book would touch that one life.

It may be that the one life you touch may touch five, which may touch twenty-five, which might touch thousands!

Only the Lord knows who your writing will touch and what impact your words will have... but just remember, you are never too small! No matter the size of the platform or how many sales.

God uses the weak things to put to shame the mighty, and I think that goes for small things as well.

Your voice matters. Stand strong!

Keep writing. And never let the enemy tell you that you are too small!


Was this encouraging to you? Do you ever find yourself doubting your impact? I do. I was doubting it when God laid this on my heart, and I wanted to share it all with you! I hope you enjoyed the post!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Kaytlin (Kayti) Phillips

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