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January Writing Challenge Info

Hey guys! I sort of...might of...let this place die over the holidays for that I am extremely sorry, but I've been so crazy busy with work, editing, writing, reading, holidays, sick dog, planning for college...etc. That this was a little much to add to the plate. But the dog is doing better so, I have a little time cleared up at the moment. *Reaches over and pets dog sitting in his chair beside me*

So, the monthly challenge info is going to be posted each month in a blog post over here, because the description box on the challenge page only lets me put so many characters. Anyway, besides the point. This month I'm gonna do something a little different.

This month your challenge is to take a sentence I give you and write a story that best uses said sentence. So, I'm going to judge this month and then you guys let me know if any of you are interested in coming up with the challenge sentence and judging in future months. :)

So, this needs to be a short story of five thousand words or less. So if you write a story of two hundred words or five thousand it can be entered! I'm not stretching or capping your creativity too much on this one, besides making you work with my sentence....which at this moment I have no idea what it's going to *ahem* let's write a sentence for the challenge!

Though I had stood here a thousand times, something about this time felt different, as if for the first time I could actually see.

Tada! Now, you get to use this sentence in a story of your choice! I think it would work for a contemporary or dystopian or even a romance maybe...anything really. If you'd rather use it in a poem that works too! (Ooo, I should do poetry challenges too...hmmm...)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this challenge...oh, and the entries have to be submitted *pulls up calendar* ...Jan. 28. Sound good to everyone? If not...then....yeah, not sure what else I could do except remember to post the challenge sooner next

I'll try to get a post about something useful up soon, but if you follow mine and my sisters' blog you know getting blog posts up has not been our thing lately...but I'll try to write something for you guys!

Also, if anyone wants to guest post on here let me know in the comments! I would love to have some of you guys guest post!

Okay, we are officially alive again over here! Start flooding me with posts guys....or at least

God Bless!

Kaytlin Phillips

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