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Monthly Contest!

First, I would like to congratulate Kaytlin Phillips, the founder of Writers' Vision! SHE WROTE ABOUT THE PRESIDENT'S SON, GUYS. AND HIS GENERAL. (To be honest when I came up with those prompts, I was REALLY hoping someone would take the president one, AND SHE DID!) You must read it if you haven't already. It's a twist on the original prompt, and very well done. And her words make the image so clear, you know exactly what's happening, where it's going down, who's involved. *throws confetti* So congrats to our winner for writing an epic story!

And on that chipper note, let us broach the tentative subject of change...


It's in the air. We can all feel it, smell it, see it. It's October. It's fall, y'all. Or to use a more fancy term: Autumn. Yes, dear beloved summer is over, and we have entered into the cozy season of orange, yellow, red, plaid, rain, fireplaces, cinnamon, and sprinkles of nutmeg. (Points if you've ever used nutmeg in a recipe.)

So, to kick off this wonderful fall month, I have an announcement. The monthly contests are changing. Yes. Changing. (For the better, don't worry now.) Instead of a monthly contest, it will be a quarterly contest. Don't get too caught up in the language and mathematics on this one, you'll spend the better part of twenty minutes looking up definitions for things like triennial, and fiscal quarter.

ALL TO SAY, the contest will be for the duration of three months, held four times a year, and containing varying prompts each time, ranging from sentence prompts, to dialogue, to pictures.

Which means that this quarters contest, (we could call it seasonal too, if we wanted to get symbolic), will have a December deadline.

That's correct, yes. You have until December 31st to submit an entry.

Which brings me to the next change I had forgotten up until this point. (I was very preoccupied with fiscal quarters, you see.)

The submissions will not be submitted through the forum any longer. They will be submitted through a google form, read, reviewed, agonized over, and then the winner will be chosen, and published on the Writers' Vision blog!

So yes, some changes have been made.

I shall include a handy dandy link to the form after I reveal this quarters prompts. So far we've done fantasy, and what could be considered governmental thriller. So to finish out the year, I've settled on a decidedly 'vintage' theme. :)

Now, I've created a collage instead of a written prompt, and so thus I bring you the challenge to write a 2,000 word story based on one of these four prompts, again, use any tense, any literary device you prefer. And write your heart out. These pictures suggest some sort of emotion, some foreboding, child-like wonder... Make your reader feel that.

Without any further paragraphs, I present the prompts.

Prompt #1

Prompt #2

Prompt #3

Prompt #4

There you have it folks! I give you three months to write an astounding story, submit it through this form, and go on to Fame and Fortune™️ when you are published on the Writers' Vision blog!

And in case you're like me and must read the rules approximately ten times before even considering submitting, the following is for you.

-Your story must be based off one of the four prompts.

-It may be no longer than 2,000 words (2,001 is acceptable, no, we won't make you cut that one measly word out. (Unless it happens to be 'that' 'very' or 'was'. Then it must be deleted.) ;).

-It may not contain anything going against Writers' Vision Community Guidelines, and may not present unbiblical ideas/thoughts/actions as acceptable. We write to glorify God and speak truth.

-Your deadline is December 31st.

-Any tense is acceptable.

Alright folks, it's been a long post. But I leave you in excitement as I look forward to reading your lovely submissions and going through the ups and downs of the plot with the beloved characters I know you all to be capable of creating.



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