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The Guild of Thieves Cover Reveal!

Hey Visionaries! Today is the day for the cover reveal of 'The Guild of Thieves'!

What is this book, you ask? I've never heard of it, you say. Well, pull up a chair because I'm about to big sister fangirl all over the place! Eeek!

The Guild of Thieves is a Young Adult Christian Fantasy book releasing on November 3rd by Jaiden Phillips! Yep, my younger sister, Jaiden, Jaidie, Jai, whatever you call her, is releasing her debut novel in a little over a month! Which is extremely surreal, by the way.

Guys, I'm doing the formatting/final read over...and my goodness gravy! This book is sooooo good! Like this is my third time reading over it, big sister privileges! And it is so good! Never getting tired of this story full of thieves, redemption, treason, and a dash of Victorian vibes!

Alright, now here's the info dumb and the cover at the end! OH, and I forgot to mention that Jaiden also designed the cover! It's so gorgeous!!!!!!

Book Info:

Release Date: November 3rd, 2023

Genre: Young Adult Christian Fantasy

Author: Jaiden Phillips

Cover Art: Jaiden Phillips


“Being a thief is easy, but getting caught…now, that’s when it gets tricky.”

Dice is a street boy in the poor district of Raheren, forced to be what he must to survive. A liar, a cheat, and a thief. But just like all thieves in Arkrindon he abides by the rules of thieves, stick with your unit, stay in your district, and don’t get caught.

When Dice is jumped by another group of thieves trespassing in pickpocket territory, things quickly escalate. These aren’t just any thieves, this is a whole new breed of thieves, ones who don’t play by the rules. Rogues, burglars, and pickpockets have come together, abandoning districts and uniting under one man, Azic, the master of The Guild of Thieves.

For his freedom and the lives of his unit, the Guild presents a deal: Steal the King’s Jewel or watch everyone in his unit die. If Dice steals the jewel he’s dooming the kingdom but if he doesn’t everyone he cares about will pay the price.

About the Author:

Jaiden Phillips is a teen author residing in the mountains of western North Carolina. She has six older siblings and one set of amazing parents!

More often than not, you can find her sketching one of her wild ideas, writing out a scene for a book, or giving her sisters a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Her debut novel, The Guild of Thieves, is set to release later this year!

Author Links:

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Goodreads Author Profile: Jaiden Phillips (Author of Unfortunate Events) | Goodreads

Art Blog:



Book Links:

Goodreads Book Link:

Pre-Order Link:

And the cover!!!!! It's so pretty!!!

Isn't this gorgeous? I cannot wait for this book to be out in the world! I'm so excited!!!! Eeek!

Let me know how excited you are about this book in the comments!

Bless! Kaytlin (Kayti) Phillips

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