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With Eyes of Blue Cover Reveal

Hello, Visionaries! Happy (late) Easter! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend with your families and enjoyed celebrating our Savior! I know the weekend was fun for me!

Alright, so today I am doing a cover reveal for Erin Hyland! You may have seen her name floating around in the WV Community as she's one of our newer, as in a month or two members. This is her debut book and I have to say the title hooked me from the first moment I saw it!

So, let's get this cover reveal going!

About the Book:

It is the year 965 BC. Amunet is a young girl with blue eyes who wakes up in a pyramid, alone except for her cat, Nephthys. She has no memory beyond knowing her name and her cat's name. Who is this girl? Where did she come from? Trouble is brewing. The Pharaoh Ahmose has just died, and with his death, his only heir has vanished. Egypt is without a ruler, for Queen Chione died in childbirth and the heir went missing. Chaos ensues as five different countries approach Egypt to fight for the double crown. Can this girl with eyes of blue have a means to save all of Egypt? This is a story of love and war, of betrayal and trust, of family and Yahweh. This is the story of Amunet, the girl with eyes of blue.

About the Author:

When she’s not reading, Erin Hylands spends her time crocheting, writing, and with her family. Naturally, she spends quite a lot of time writing fantasy and contemporary fiction. She has grown to also love reading and writing historical fiction as well. This is her first novel.

And now it's time for the cover!!!

Isn't the cover gorgeous!? The title is so intriguing! Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to say hi to Erin if you're part of the WV Community!


Kaytlin Phillips

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