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3rd Quarter Contest Announcement!

Hey everyone! Happy July! It's the middle of summer, filled with vacations, sunburns, lakes & cabins, gardens & being able to finally harvest! Lots of things happen, summer is usually a busy season. Amidst this busy season I'd like to announce our 3rd quarter contest!

This one is going to be slightly different, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to have something with a definite goal, and purpose.

So, welcome to our 3rd quarter contest, where the objective is to write a story based off the book of Galatians!

Now what do I mean by that exactly?? Well what I'm referring to is the kind of love that is portrayed in the book of Galatians. True love that is concerned for welfare, for the betterment of the other person. The type of love that gives without really expecting much in return, that will confront a perceived wrong with the best of intention in the hopes that the person will correct it. The type of love that encourages and lifts someone else up, that bears their burdens and loves on them despite their short-comings.

As the summer months go by, and we're caught up with going going going, we can often forget to be kind and loving, and in our culture of busyness we often forget that relationships are work, they take time, effort, and emotion.

Even for different type of relationships, sometimes it takes the same amount of effort to get to know the guy you like as it does to get to know your sister, or an estranged friend.

What I think it's important to showcase is having a heart for others in not only the good times, but the bad as well, and remember that trials are a time for growth, especially with relationships.

By now you must be wondering what the specifics for this contest are!

We have a limit of 3,000 words.

We ask that your style be clear, and that you don't haphazardly change POV or tense without clear markings so as not to confuse readers.

We ask that you ensure your story fit our genre (you may be as creative as you like, writing a fantasy story, contemporary, or even a dystopian is welcome as long as you adhere to the main story idea and emphasis on relationships).

We do allow only one submission per person, and we will not admit any story that violates our community guidelines into the contest pool.

One last note, you are not required to include a specific passage, or verse within your actual narrative, but please take the opportunity to read through the book before you begin writing your story.

If you have any questions or are confused about any aspect of the contest please don't hesitate to message me, I'm glad to help you! (And there's no such thing as a dumb question, I'm here to help you with whatever you need!)

Here is the handy dandy link for when you're ready to submit! And keep in mind the deadline to submit your story is September 30th!

I know you all to be excellent writers, and I cannot wait to see who joins in the fun and submits a story! I look forward to being able to read them!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, and have a blessed week!

Louise Taylor

Contest Manager

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