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Announcing: October Contests!

Hellloooo everyone! So good of you to drop in! We've been quite busy 'round here! Thus I come bearing news, we will not be having a normal contest for the last quarter of 2023. Why, you may ask? Well, *smiles* 'cause.

BUT, I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting five different contests through the month of October! You heard that right! FIVE different and unique contests!

They're going to be split up into weeks, and the first week of October is going to be poetry!

So, from now until Saturday (October 7th) you have the opportunity to submit your poem.

Don't think too hard about it, this contest is specifically designed for a quick draft to turn into an edited draft, which is submitted, and then the submitter stops short and wonders to themselves, "did I just submit that?" Or... something like that. ;)

Don't overthink it, NaNo is fast approaching, and then after, the holidays. And we'd like to close out 2023 contests with a bang, so don't overthink it, just have some fun! And remember, there's going to be something for everybody!! So if you're not a fan of writing poetry, STAY TUNED because it's not just poetry I have up my sleeve. Buts that's for next week. ;D

This brings me to the next contest, which will be running alongside all our other contests through-out the entire month, instead of just one week. And that is our non-fiction contest! This is a special category for our more scientific/historical minds. You can submit a historical narrative, or even an essay on a specific topic. This is for those who like to geek out over the facts.

Now, finally, here is our list of rules, and REMEMBER, have fun! Join in! These contests are gonna fly by, so get your story in and enjoy all the craziness of October! If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.


A special category that will be running until the end of the month.

-You may choose any subject, as long as it abides by our community guidelines.

-Please make sure your information is factually correct, no matter which subject you choose.

-Word count limit: 5,000.

-Non-fiction may include essays, research papers, a non-fiction narrative about a real person, or a non-fiction narrative with multiple POV's about a historical event.


Deadline: Sunday, October 7th

-Word count limit: 1,000.

-You may choose any subject for your poem, as long as it abides by our community guidelines.

When your ready to submit, you can find our form linked here!

Happy Sunday everybody!

Louise Taylor

Contest Manager

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Joelle Stone
Joelle Stone
Oct 06, 2023

This is such a good idea!! Makes me wish I were a better poet... XD


I may submit some poetry, but I'm not great at it... I'll have some fun though.


Ava Murbarger
Ava Murbarger
Oct 02, 2023

Oh, I'd like to try these! Idk about poetry, I'm not great at that lol, but yeah XD


Louise Taylor
Louise Taylor
Oct 02, 2023

Also! I will be announcing the winner of our previous quarter this coming week, stay tuned for the story!!

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