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Monthly Challenge, August 2022!

Hello there! My name is Louise Taylor, and I am here with a challenge for you. (Yes it's a bit late, my deepest apologies, I didn't get a chance to write the prompts out till last week.) Kaytlin asked for someone to step in and do the monthly challenges, I volunteered, and here we are! I shall be your new judge for the time being. (Host??) Since it's so late in the month already I'll cap the word count at around 5,000. The prompts this month lean more towards fantasy, I'll be attempting to try as many genres as I can, so all of you get a chance to write in your favorite if you so choose!

Without further ado,

You're walking down the street, and then, suddenly, the landscape changes. You're in the same town, in the same spot... Only four hundred years earlier, and smack dab in the middle of a knight battling a dragon.

The pirates have taken over the palace, it's up to you (the captain of the royal guard) and the rest of your men to take back the city, and rescue the royals being held hostage.

The Keep has been locked since the reign of your grandfather. On her deathbed, your mother hands you the key, and tells you to open it... Against your father's wishes.

Just a quick review:

Limit: 5,000 words.

Use one of the prompts.

You can use first, second, or third person, and put whatever twist on the prompt as you want as long as it stays within the fantasy genre.

Deadline: August 30th.

If you have any questions, drop a comment and let me know! (And if you have any prompt ideas you'd really love to see, send me a chat with the prompt :)

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