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Monthly Writing Challenge, May 2022!

Hello folks! Thanks to all who entered the Monthly Challenge last month! Thank you so much to Joelle for managing the challenge last month!

As for the winner....

Congratulations, Jaiden! You won! Woo-hoo! I'll get your tag up soon!

Now, up on me. Louise volunteered to manage the challenge month! (manage or host or judge? Which one sounds better for future reference?) So, here are her rules and prompts!


  • Any genre is acceptable, as long as the prompts are used or incorporated to an obvious point. (Meaning you are not required to use the exact words of the prompt, but it must be obvious which prompt you have chosen to base your story on.) There is a 10,000 word limit (anything below, whether 5,000 words or 500 will be judged on an equal basis, there is no requirement to reach the limit whatsoever :).

  • The prompts are as follows:

  1. He was our leader, he represented the throne, the crown, our people… But he was not our king.

  2. A rock of fire barreled through the sky, birds scattered, trees swayed, people screamed. I grinned as it hit the ocean with a sizzling crash.

  3. My throat tightened, communications were out, power was down, the enemies stood close… And the General was dead.

  4. A single gunshot rippled through the warehouse, the signal to run. I stood as still as stone.

  • You may use however many characters, POV’s, and settings you wish, but it must flow like a natural story. First, second, and third person are all allowed. :) If you have any questions or comments, please let me know, and have fun writing! The best part of story-telling is telling the story. So tell the one that that excites, encourages, and challenges you.

So, tahdah! I hope you decide to join us for Louise's Challenge! The deadline is...(consultes calendar) May 30th! Memorial Day....sound good?

Anyway, have a great one folks! If anyone is interested in hosting, judging, managing, (please pick a word for me) a future challenge let me know what month you'd like!

Also, if anyone is interested in guest posting about anything writing related on the blog let me know! Or send the article to me via email. My email is

I'd love that!

On a final note, with summer around the corner and World of Silence's release date in site I hope to have more time to show the site a little love! I'd also love to have someone who was willing to come alongside and help manage the blog and such...if anyone is interested.

Have a great day!


Kaytlin P.

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