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No One Writes Like You

Updated: Mar 31

Hello, Visionaries! I've got a post from the WV blog tour. I'll slowly be sharing these over the next few months as I finish up some writing projects and brainstorm some new post ideas! If you have anything you'd like to see a post on, let me know! I'd be happy to write a post on it!

Now, off to the post!

“One negative comment and it’s all, ‘Woe is me!’”

This quote from Sing 2 is one my sisters and I have been throwing at each other and giggling over since we watched the movie. It’s such a true statement, especially for many writers. Especially me. I get my highs and lows based on what people say about my writing instead of sticking to the comfort that comes from knowing the reason I write.

One negative comment, review, or rating can send a writer spiraling into the “depths of despair,” as Anne of Green Gables puts it. It’s like our heart has been ripped from our chest and trampled upon. Someone critiqued us! Someone just cast aside all the love we put into this book and gave us a horrible comment… maybe… we’re not cut out for this?

Let’s pause that tape of negativity right there because all of that is not true. True, you don’t have all the tools you need; true, you are only human, but no one writes like you do, and God has placed this story on your heart for a reason!

Don’t ask yourself if you are good enough; inevitably, that answer is going to be no. As writers, we are our own worst critics, but do you feel God calling you to write, to publish, to reach people with the words and stories He has given you? Do you feel Him pushing you toward a goal that feels right, writing stories to bring glory to the only being that matters?

Looking to ourselves or even others to find out whether we are good enough won’t work, but if we follow God's calling and stick to our guns, no matter how many negative comments or rotten tomatoes are thrown at us, then we have accomplished something great! If God is calling you to the life of a writer:

"Then you must fight for what you believe in. Guts, stamina, faith, these are the things you need now. And without them, well, maybe that scout was right. Maybe you're not good enough."
— Nana, giving Buster motivation

Change scout to naysayer. If God has given you a calling and a purpose to write, then do it! But remember, with the good comes the bad. As my mom often reminds me, without pain, we wouldn’t know what no pain felt like. Without sorrow, there would be no joy. Without negativity, there would be no positivity. Life would be bland… and books would be boring. Just saying.

The thing is… when someone says something negative about your book; they are saying it about the book, not you. It is not a personal attack. Just like when you review a book, you are not attacking the author; you are simply giving your opinion of the book. That book may feel like a piece of you, a part of your soul… and yeah, you poured your heart and soul into it, but it’s not you. Anything said about the book is not said about you; it is someone voicing their opinion on a book, not voicing their opinion of you. Someone can love you to pieces and hate your book.

The point is, don’t let negative comments dash your dreams. You are stronger than that! God has given you a calling. He has handed you a gift… but are you going to use it? Or are you going to sit back and pout because someone didn’t like your book? Is one negative comment worth giving up over when you have the potential to impact thousands in a positive way?

God never gives a wrong calling, so if He is calling you to write… then by golly, write!


Do negative comments knock you down? Are you doubting whether you should be writing or not? I hope this post encouraged you!


Kaytlin Phillips

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