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October Contest Week 2

Hello everyone! We're kicking off the second week of our October contest just a little late, but don't fret, because this week's contest is FLASH FICTION. Any topic, any where in the world and space time continuum.

The winner will be chosen based on writing skill, & tact, and it will be published on the blog along with the rest of the winners at the end of October! (By the way, the poetry we received last week was PHENOMENAL, I look forward to equally exciting fiction pieces this coming week! You guys are all so very talented!)

So, have some fun, write about what you love! And when you're ready to submit, our link is down below!

I will also mention that our non-fiction contest will also be open until the end of October, for any who wish to enter. :)

Remember, HAVE A BLAST, don't worry too much about making sure it's picture perfect, focus on writing what you love (and making sure it's readable, of course).

I can't wait to read the entries! :D

Louise Taylor

Contest Manager

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Well, I thought I might be able to participate this month, but things just keep coming up. I'll enjoy watching everyone else participate though!


Annabelle Batie
Annabelle Batie
Oct 11, 2023

Can't wait to participate!

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