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I am Louise. Lucca is epic. That is all you need to know.

*sighs* Alright, alright, that’s not all you need to know.

Hi! I’m Louise. I enjoy nerding out about novels that have yet to be published (trust me, once they are, I will make it my life’s mission to spread the word), writing my own stories (most of which involve lively children that would exhaust any parent) and reading about writing (yes, and you should do it too).

My writing hours are spent either jotting down random book ideas, or inserting my co-workers into short stories (names changed to protect the innocent, of course). I also enjoy piano, but only had a month’s worth of lessons, so I understand basic notes, and can play “Father Abraham” “ Come Thou Fount” and “The Battle” (from Narnia) on repeat till you ban me from the keys (which has happened before).

I've got a website (currently under construction) and a handy dandy Pinterest account if you ever find yourself wanting to see more of what I do (mainly saving pins to my character boards, pretending to be a photographer, and trying to convince every other teenager I know that ISO is a thing). (Oh! And whenever I'm in amish country, you'll be sure to witness me buying an ancient camera that doesn't work. :)



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    Jan. 2022 Winner!
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Louise Taylor

Jan. 2022 Winner!
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