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September Monthly Challenge!

First off, I'd like to congratulate last months winner.... *drumroll* SARAH TWILIGHT.

Yes, yes, Sarah Twilight. Both her story and Joelle's were very CLOSE. VERY. But as I sat reading Sarah's LONG story *coughs* *winks* I found that it was the twist at the end that did it. I adored the twist. (Good job, Sarah!) So congrats to both for writing two amazing stories! If you get a chance to read them I highly recommend you do so! And congrats to Sarah for winning! (You will receive a badge, boasting rights, and a complimentary puppy (just kidding about the puppy).)

Now, for this months challenge, rules, and deadline...

I have, once again, three challenges! (make sure to give notice as to which one you used)

The word count limit is 1,000.

Use one of the prompts, twist it however you want, use any type of character, (young, old, rich, poor, etc.) write in first person, second, third, whichever you choose, any tense you choose.

The deadline is the 30th! 11:59 p.m. to be exact. ;)

#1 There's a man in black following you around town, in an inconspicuous spot he stops you and asks if your name is Michael. You tell him no. He replies with: "Oh, thank goodness, come with me."

#2 Life isn't easy for a time traveler. Every time you stop in a new era, someone recognizes you and asks for your autograph, or a photograph, or an interview. But this time, there's nobody there to greet you.

#3 Both the President, and the Vice President have been assassinated. You're next in line. What do you do?


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