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Anthology Contest! Illuminate the Dark: Stories of Light over Darkness

Hey Visionaries! I'm later with this exciting announcement than I wanted to be, but it took me longer to get all the moving pieces together. But we're finally here. Some of you may have noticed the contest tab is now titled Anthology Contest...that's because...

WV is publishing its first anthology!

We're accepting fantasy submissions from members and non-members of the community as well! The funds made from the anthology will go back into keeping WV open, so it's a good way to try out publishing, get your name out there, and support the writing community!

The anthology theme is hope on every level! Hope in darkness, in sickness, in everyday life! We want to see what hope means and looks like to all of you!

Do you want to know something else exciting?

We're accepting short story and poem submissions! So whatever your preferred genre is you should totally give the contest page a look!

Speaking of which we've got all the rules over there as well as inspiration in the form of pictures and a Pinterest Board, music and a playlist, and lots of Bible verses that have to do with hope and being a light in the darkness!

Now, here is the overall of the anthology theme and the guidelines!

“For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8: 24-25 

Living in a dying and decaying world can cause us to quickly lose sight of that which we have been promised as children of the true and living God. When we focus on the trials and tribulations, the glories of our future hope fade away. We cease to live each moment of our lives in the vibrant hope of heaven. 

We are calling on authors and writers who hold to this hope in Christ, to paint us a tale of biblical hope, to remind us with their stories of what it means to hope, and what it looks like to hope for that which we do not see. 

Our fantasy anthology will be a compilation of both short stories and poetry, illustrating the necessity of living day to day in hope. 

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: ALL proceeds from this anthology will go to supporting the Writers' Vision community. 


We're so glad you're considering submitting to our anthology of hope! Just a few rules before getting started. 


Parental consent, 

If you are 17 years of age or younger, you will need parental/guardian consent to enter your story. 



You must submit your poem by May 31st in order to be considered for our anthology. 


Your theme, of course, must be biblical hope! We encourage you to take a quick look at our anthology page, we've listed some of our favorite verses on hope, and would love for the stories we select to model the truth written in those words. 


Specific Genre? 

Yes! We are compiling a fantasy anthology! Full of hope and vibrance found in the worlds of slaying dragons, dethroning corrupt kings, and peaceful village festivals. 


Short Story or Epic?

Yes, you read that right! You have the option of submitting a short story or an epic poem! Only one submission is allowed per person, so please choose carefully. 


Word Count, 

We would like our stories to be between 2k and 5k words. Poems between 75 and 2k words, it's up to you.


Content Guideline, 

We are a Christian community, therefore we are setting a soft PG-13 rating to our anthology. This means no language, no smut, no fade to black, no closed door, and no excessive gore, but things such as high stakes, and sword fights are more than welcome.  We would like for you to portray a true and gritty story, yet faithful to bring light and hope to an already dying and decaying world. 


How do I format my story? 

Please upload a Google document, with a 12 point font, either Times New Roman or EB Garamond. Please include single-spacing lines with indented paragraphs.


We look forward to all the submissions! If you have any questions, feel free to email WV or ask them in the comment below!

Have a great week everyone!



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This is such a cool idea!

I have a previously written fantasy short story that has appeared on my personal blog, but nowhere else. Is that disqualified?

Replying to

Thank you!

No, that'd be fine as a submission as long as it fits the themes.😁


Joelle Stone
Joelle Stone
Feb 23

So excited for this!!

Replying to

Ack! Glad to hear it!


I'm excited too! Will all the authors help beta read the final stories like for Heard In Silence? (totally up for that, if it helps.)

Replying to

Awesome! That's my plan at the moment! <3 That way we can keep the publishing cost low or maybe even


I'm so looking forward to this!!! Now to decide if I want to write a short story or a poem . . . . 🤔

Replying to

Glad to hear it! Ooof, the struggle.


Ah this is so exciting!! I have a short story that matches the theme/genre but it's like 13k words so unfortunately won't work lol...

Replying to

Okay, thank you!! Again XD

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